Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004, with the need of establishing a superior Supervision Agency over Ground Handling Agents (GHAs).


In order to provide top quality services, while bringing in operational efficiencies and effective control over the GHAs. The GHAs scenario in India wasn’t affable then, with inefficiencies aligned with their bureaucratic mindset and structure. This bureaucratic arrangement often steered into operational hazards due to security breaches against the principal airline’s company and compliance policy.


Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. saw this perilous gap and thus as a vigilant organization took it on as its vision and mission to bridge it on behalf of the principal airline. With limited players in this niche market and the magnitude of approvals required in order to establish such an agency, Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd.’s did everything possible to make this aspiration turn into a reality. Since then, we have been playing a vital role in revenue optimization for our principal airlines through quality supervision service and best flight space utilization. Today, Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. is one of the key players in this specialized aviation industry space and has established its credibility under the expert guidance of Mr. Vinod Seth and Mr. Prashanth Nair.


Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. strives continuously to be the best GHA supervision agency with an expert understanding on operational details, a pledge for superior customer service and a driving passion for excellence. Being recognized by the Bureau and Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), we pride ourselves in rendering the best supervision services on a PAN India basis. Our services help our principal airlines to save on personnel costs by offering professional ground handling supervision by experienced, well trained and airline compliant supervisors.


We have a team of well trained and dedicated individuals who work with the highest code of ethics and integrity. Our staff receives advanced ramp and safety trainings adhering to the changing rules and regulations at airports translating into a well informed and well equipped work force. Our leadership team is committed to provide our esteemed customer airlines with the finest of our supervision services.


Skyteam Logistics Pvt. Ltd. represents the following esteemed airlines:

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