The airline industry in the current times is challenged with a perennial pressure on yield and revenue. Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. with their well trained staff takes on the responsibility of supervising the GHAs, reducing the principal airline’s costs substantially.


Our principal airlines find a great value in our services, with efficient check-in and turnaround time for their flights with our expert supervision service. Our staff is committed to offering services which are at par with principal airline’s quality standards.


We treat your cargo as ours
We understand the sentiments attached with the shipments and hence we treat it as delicately and securely as if your cargo was our cargo! Value goods like gems, antiques and even human remains are supervised by us with utmost care and affection. We also look out for specialty cargo like perishable goods, artwork, and pharmaceuticals and delicately handle these prized items too.


Excellent Customer Service
We specialize in providing an outstanding, custom-made service offering excellent customer service to our principal airlines along with nurturing the principal airline’s profile within the airport community. We promise to deliver our principal airlines with an expedient, chivalrous and highly professional service of the utmost quality ensuring excellent customer service.


Industry recognized Quality Standards
We believe in top notch quality and hence our entire team adheres to best quality practices. While making quality our priority, we make sure we meet all the safety and regulatory compliances. Our constant pursuit for serving with best quality converts into customer satisfaction. Enhanced customer satisfaction, following the compliance safety regulations and optimum use of the resources are the pillars on which our company thrives.


Better Revenues for Principal Airline
We understand that our principal airline’s main focus is core business and thus assist in taking care of the allied services required in the aviation industry. Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. helps to improve the quality of the ground handling by rendering professional handling supervision saving the principal airline’s personnel costs. With optimum use of the aircraft space and reduction in personnel costs, our principal airlines reap the benefits of higher revenue.


Trusted Name
With 10+ years handling this market, Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. has become a trusted name for many reputed airlines who are known for their stringent safety and quality standards. We built the trust slowly and steadily and our work speaks for us today in this niche market. When you choose us as your cargo supervising partner, be lest assured that the job will be done with utmost care, safety and perfection.


Compliance Regulations
Your safety is our prime most important concern. Hence we have obtained the required insurance, appropriate licenses and training that meets all the compliance regulations. We ensure that each of our staff member holds high degree of importance for safety and compliance and will always abide by the rules and regulations. We also are well versed and up to date with the latest changes in the regulations and keep our staff on their toes when it comes to compliance regulations.