Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best GHA supervision services available towards your aircraft and cargo


Your airline, your passengers and your crew are the most important to us and this is evident in the way we conduct our services and treat our principal customer airlines.We are not just a name, but an organization which is determined to fulfill your needs. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best GHA supervision services available towards your aircraft, cargo, passengers and crew. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and will be more than happy to tailor our services umbrella to meet your personalized individual needs.


All countries have a defined set of airport rules and regulations and it is always beneficial to have a local representative at the airports. Having a PAN India wide presence, we are well versed with the local laws, speak the native tongue and have been in this market for 10+ years. We boast of dedicated supervisors who will act as our principal airline’s representative and do the utmost to guarantee a well-coordinated and on-time turnaround of our principal airline flights. Our staff represents the principal airline assisting in monitoring the service levels of the GHAs and reporting any non-compliance to the principal airline.


We take care of all the proper documentation required for commercial cargo delivery not just restricted to pre-acceptance, acceptance of documents, Air Waybill issue, documentation delivery, customs clearance, after delivery activities.


We have expertise in Ramp/Terminal/Commercial supervision catering to the SLAs established by our principal airline carriers. We co-ordinate efficiently with above-the wing services and also instruct the local ground handler on below-the wing requirements. Skyteam Logistic Pvt. Ltd. being recognized by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), we have the permission to supervise all activities at the Cargo terminal at majority of Indian airports. We also diligently supervise the loading and unloading of cargo at the aircraft, guaranteeing optimum use of the aircraft space. A happy customer means a happy us!


Our well trained staff supervises the activities of the GHAs along with Pre and Post flight duty. Our team of professionals endeavor to constantly overcome the operational challenges to ensure quick turnaround and On-time-Performance. Our company adheres to highest level of ethical code ensuring the best practices followed making life easy for our principal carrier. There might arise considerable amount of issues resulting into a potential delay in the flight. Our team cohesively works with the principal airline’s crew and ground staff to solve these issues before they become a problem or at least minimize the effects if unavoidable. We co-ordinate with the GHAs for a smooth transition of cargo from the airport to the flight with best use of the aircraft space.


We also help our principal airlines in co-ordination of their flight bookings ensuring proper documentation and paper work.

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